05 Mar 2011 11:00:30 am
Why Neck Lanyards are Great for Security
Neck lanyards are seen as just a clothing accessory or a way to hold small items, but lanyards can be very useful in helping with security for you business, school, or event. The main way that they can help you is with the security is in the area of identification. It makes it an easy way to be able to quickly identify people.

One way that using neck lanyards is great for security is it is a fast, easy way for someone to show an ID to the proper person or be able to identify someone with just a quick look. With it fitting easily around the neck it can be slipped on and off very easily to be able to hand to someone for closer inspection or the ability to scan key cards that are needed to access certain areas. Without having to try and dig it out of a pocket or handbag. Lanyards usually come with a breakaway feature which will break off the lanyard if it is being pulled on too hard. This can be very important to the safety of the wearer if they work near machines that the lanyard could get caught.

Lanyards are also a cheap way to go if you need to have a large amount of security IDs. Lanyards are made of inexpensive materials, so they cost very little compared to other options. A perk of buying them in bulk is that most companies that make them will offer a discount if you order over a certain amount. If you do not want to just be able to identify people by the colour of the lanyard you can also buy custom made one with your own words or logo on them. With the low price of most lanyards they are good to use for single-use or multi-day events and can be easily disposed of after they are no longer needed.

Lanyards are also great to use if you need to have several different types of IDs. Since they come in so many styles and colours it would be very simple to be able to buy several different colours and styles to help be able to tell what security group a person belongs.

When buying lanyard you need to take into account the type of material to use depending on what purpose that it will serve. If it is going be used on a frequent basis you should get them made of stronger material such as polyester or woven style that gives you good durability without the high cost. If the lanyard is to be used for short time it would be cheaper to go with polyester that has been tubular stitched. If you are looking for one that really stands out you should use nylon, as nylon will give you the brightest surface for easy visibility.

With the many options of style, colour, and material that lanyards offer you can easily find the right one for your long-term or short-term security needs.

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