20 Jan 2011 11:12:47 am
Using a promotional lanyard can get you noticed at marketing
The key to a successful business is a good marketing plan and a good marketing plan must be multi-faceted. One of the new and upcoming marketing ploys is using a promotional lanyard. A lanyard is simply a piece of cloth, plastic that is meant to be worn around someone’s neck, wrist or shoulder or placed in a pocket. A lanyard is an easy way to promote your business message and get your name seen. Employees who wear lanyards can use them to clip their name badge to or even hold onto a USB, cell phone or camera.

There are many different ways to use a promotional lanyard as a marketing tool. Imagine that at a tradeshow potential customers saw people walking around with a brightly coloured lanyard that had your business name or logo on it. This would be an excellent way for potential customers to take notice and even potentially wear one. The main goal of promotional lanyards is to get your business noticed. Given that, most people see things 5-7 times before it becomes recognisable and/or desirable, the more lanyards you get out there the better chance you will have of getting customers to see your company.

Very few marketing tools can be used for multi-generations, any gender and style. A promotional lanyard can be customised to attract a variety of markets. You can use different colours and styles to market to different groups; a company is not locked into a one style marketing campaign. In addition, the relatively low cost of production makes changing the styles and looks affordable. With the variety of devices that we pack around with us today, everyone could use something to assist in fewer things to carry. A promotional lanyard gives customers a marketing tool with your company name on it to help in this fight.

When participating in a large event, it is imperative that your company’s logo and name gets to as many customers as possible. It is important that your marketing campaign recognise the need to be global. Promotional lanyards are an easy cost effective way to distribute your message to a large market of people and the fact that those customers can take something useful home to remember your name is a huge plus.

If participating in a charity event and you want to get your company name out associated with a good cause a promotional lanyard is a great way to get your company name out there. In addition, you can customise a lanyard to include both your company name and the cause that you are supporting. In today's tough economic times customers are more likely to spend their decreasing discretionary funds on a business that they know stand for the same causes that they stand for. Customer loyalty in these tough times is very crucial and every little bit of name recognition you can get it good. When promoting your business you want to market in a way that make sense to your company a promotional lanyard can be one of the many tools that you use.

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