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Top Tips to Help Select the Best Printed Lanyards Providers
A promotional item is supposed to represent the company or organisation it is promoting. This means that if the company is supposed to be quality then the item must also be quality because what the client sees is all he or she has from which to draw conclusions. Therefore it is vital to the success of the promotional campaign that the promotional lanyard be the best available with excellent printing and outstanding appearance. There are ten good ways to choose the best company to supply the printed lanyards for the promotion.

1. Ask around amongst the businesses that have done this type of promotion and ask who they used for their lanyards. Most of the time a companies marketing people will give out this information as well as a quick evaluation of their supplier.
2. Look at promotional items that are displayed at various venues and see if any particular one stands out then ask where it came from.
3. Check the prices of the various suppliers. The cheapest may not be where the best buy is found, but then again neither is the most expensive necessarily the best place to go either.
4. Once a company is starting to look good, call and find out if they have a helpful staff that can aid in the design process. There are many decisions that need to be made and the supplying company should be able to have a friendly and efficient person who can help the buyer make them. An on-going business relationship doesn’t require friendship but it does need a professional working relationship and being able to work together effectively.
5. Check on the availability of the promotional item. It can happen that what is wanted and advertised may not be available for immediate delivery so it behoves a buyer to check before laying the money on the table.
6. Make sure that if there are any special requirements in the way of colours or font styles, etc., that the supplier can meet these specific needs. Keep in mind that colours like red come in a huge variety of shades: make sure the one that is wanted is actually available.
7. Check out the company’s reputation for reliable service. The ‘Better Business Bureau’ or ‘Best Of The Web’ in the town where they do business is usually a good place to check. They should either be pretty much unknown or a member of the local bureau. If they are known as an outstanding business this is better for you.
8. Check on the guarantee offered. The things that are desirable are a promise to replace or refund for any defectively manufactured products in a timely manner. Accidents happen: how will the provider remedy them?
9. Check on the shipping and delivery costs. It can happen that what appears to be a great deal can hit the shoals of S&D and it is best to find this out before any signatures have gone on any dotted lines.
10. Make sure that if you are very pleased with the supplied product you can reorder at the same price. It can happen that a supplier might make a great deal and then refuse to re-up the order at a later date.

Once the decision has been made, get those printed lanyards and enjoy! A good promotion is a wonder to behold!

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