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Top 5 Benefits of Neck Lanyards
Neck lanyards have been widely used by thousands of businesses to promote their brand. They are a favourite marketing tool for both small and large companies because you can have them custom made to suit all corporate budgets. Usually made of nylon or woven material, in a variety of shapes and styles, there are plenty of designs available. It is no surprise that they have become one of the most popular items in the business world. Unique, custom printed lanyards are very effective for engaging and interacting with your target audience.

Here are the top 5 benefits of neck lanyards:

1. Cost effective
The first obvious advantage of using lanyards is that they are usually cheaper than other promotional products. Some are typically just made out of plastic with a band attached so that it can be hung around the neck and they are very cheap when ordered in bulk. Once you have these, you can simply print out cards with an employee’s or visitor’s name on it and attach it to the lanyard. This creates a simple but useful way for communication in the workplace.

2. Increases exposure
Neck lanyards do more than just hold our name tags or identifications. They are an effective marketing tool, whereby they should feature your brand logo, with the potential of exposure to a wider audience. Their commercial value is unprecedented because they are often used in conferences, trade shows, seminars, group meetings and so on. Lanyards can be given to potential customers with a long lasting reminder of the product or business.

3. Convenient
Offering many benefits to the wearer, neck lanyards are a convenient place for ID cards or keys, so you can be sure that they are safe and readily available when the need arises. This is much more convenient than having to search through your bag or pocket each time. Another advantage is that they are worn around the neck, meaning that your hands are free to perform other important duties. Even if you want to take off the lanyard, there is usually a clasp which you can easily snap to break free, without causing damage.

4. Ability to customise for your own company
To customise your neck lanyard, you should choose a colour which reflects your type of business. Even if you choose one striking colour, this will have a strong visual impact because it would stand out if you’re in a trade show with hundreds of visitors. Most lanyards are made from nylon, due to its longevity and durability. However, you can also find polyester, woven and dye-subliminated lanyards. Any of these can be personalised for the specific person using the lanyard, or it can be printed with the company name, slogan, theme or anything else that you want to print on the cord.

5. Versatility
If you have ever worn a neck lanyard, you will be aware of how useful it is. For example, there are many attachments and hooks available to hold pouches, badges, USBs and even mobile phones. If you have attended a charity race or a sports competition, you will have found that it is easy to identify people, such as a referee or first aid person. Lanyards will continue to be a useful and versatile product for businesses because they offer a great opportunity to advertise their brand.
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