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The many uses of lanyards for business
Lanyards have become very popular and being used in various ways by many different people all over the world. They are something most often associated with the working world, which is true, but are also used for many unique as well as handy things every day.

The standard lanyard is a thread or rope that is worn around the neck and used to hold something important such as an ID card or badge and was created because these items have a great importance or purpose and are easily forgotten. It is best that items of such importance be carried without any difficulty with the use of a lanyard. Within organisations and companies, the customised lanyard is most popular.

The lanyard was first used by the military to hold a whistle, pistol or sword, all of which held great importance. This basic lanyard slowly changed into something more decorative with various patterns and colours and today is used in almost all parts of the world.

Some of the many uses of Lanyards include

1. Security. Widely used in hospitals, schools, nursery for identification and security purposes.
2. Marketing tool. Retail stores use as an advertising and marketing tool or as a way to carry important keys.
3. Recognition. Can be used to show recognition of someone’s accomplishments.
4. Name badges. Schools, businesses and government agencies wear to show identification.
5. Advertising. Often given out at conventions or events to show appreciation to guests and also as a way to advertise.
6. Event passes. As custom printed it is great way to carry special access and VIP passes to events.
7. Secure personal electronics. Often times it is the perfect size to hold a cell phone or MP3 player.
8. Display school spirit. Can be created with school colours and logos to display school spirit.
9. Identification at parties or reunions. Within large groups of people, they help to indentify people and also offer a great keepsake for an event.
10. Theme park passes. Great way to keep up with and carry a park pass. It will not get lost, stolen or damaged inside one.
11. Pet collars. Can be attached to the collar of a pet and turned into a leash. It can be imprinted with the contact information of the owner’s animal in case of emergencies.
12. Outdoor activities. Can be used for activities, such as boating, fishing and camping to carry keys, knives, compass and other valuable tools. They are made out of durable material and sometimes even water-proof material; material that is often needed while outdoors.

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