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The Many Types & Differences of Lanyards
Lanyards are moreover taken as a promotional object which is not only useful in various ways but can be a good gift. This strap is wrapped around the neck or on the belt so that keys whistle or similar objects can be tucked into it. Lanyards are available in various sizes, colours and styles so that it may not only match with your attire and occasion but also with your personality. It is easy to find lanyard in unique style or print. It would be better to know more about the styles and designs in which lanyard is available.

Custom printed

Lanyard is one of the most popular gifts which are not only used as direct gift but also as promotional gifts. Various stores like to present this gift to their esteemed customers as an acknowledgement towards the purchase they have made from the store. Everybody likes to have a unique gift or accessory so that it may reflect the taste of the individual. Printed lanyard is one of the most famous styles which are liked by people from all over the world. For more uniqueness, these lanyards can also be custom printed as per the choice. Surely this would be more appealing and unique for anyone. Also, this style would be very reasonable on the pocket.


Sublimation is another style which can create unique lanyard. Through this designing, any image can be printed on the material so that it may not get fade in short time. This type of lanyard may cost a little higher than printed lanyard but it would surely be a good gift or reminder of a memory. Most of the companies, which use lanyard as their promotional gifts, use this style on the lanyard so that the customers may remember them for long.

Beaded lanyard

With the change in style, lanyard is available in various designs. Teenage girls like to have lanyard with beads and similar objects so that it may look appealing and attractive. Also, beads, pearls and stones can make the lanyard multicoloured and so it can be matched with any attire. It is very easy to find such multicoloured and stylish lanyard in the local market. Apart from this, a lanyard is also available with most of the shopping websites and it can be purchased easily from there at a very reasonable price.

Cord and lock

The length of the cord of lanyard is very important and it should be checked while shopping for the same. Not only the length should be checked but also its design and colour should be noticed. Lock of the lanyard is also important and it should be either in zip or buttoned properly so that the object paced in the lanyard may stay safe.

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