14 Feb 2011 02:20:01 pm
Promotional Lanyards Are Great For So Many Marketing Events
When working a marketing even such as a trade show or convention it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Many people decide to give away some sort of promotional item like a pin, flash light or usb drive. These items generally have a company's name, logo and website information printed on them. While these are great items, they don't do much advertising for you at the event itself. Promotional lanyards are a great item to give away because people often use them right away.

Most marketing events hand out name tags or passes but many people are worried about damaging their clothing. These badges need to be worn throughout the event and will often contain contact information. Many people choose to keep their badges in ID holders and promotional lanyards can be a great part of this solution. People will be likely to use your lanyards for their badges and will wear them around the convention. They will be advertising your company everywhere they go and to everyone they talk to.

Another benefit to this type of promotional give away is that you can put a card with your information inside them before handing them out. Not only will people wear your lanyard around the event but they will be sure to get a copy of your information. The theory behind other giveaways is that people will use them later and this is true for lanyards as well.

Lanyards are popular for use as key chains, people will often use the same lanyard for a long time. Many people will also use the same lanyards again at the next event they attend. Handing out lanyards can help you make your presence known even at events you're not attending. Advertising can be expensive but lanyards are a low cost solution to getting great recognition at marketing evens.

If your company is going to be attending a trade show or convention then you're going to need promotional items to catch people's attention. While most people choose to print out post cards, pens or buttons these items generally end up in someone's bag where they might use it later. Lanyards with badge holders offer people something they can use right away. These lanyards can be printed with your logo and website information and will be plainly visible as people walk around the event. Since lanyards are so inexpensive you can afford to hand out a lot of them and cover the event incredibly well for the small price you invested.

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