12 Apr 2011 10:12:36 am
Promotional Lanyards are Becoming More Desirable to Business
The average promotional item on the market would consist of items that are used on a regular basis. These items would include pens, calendars, magnetic business cards, and calculators. However, business owners are starting to think outside the box when searching for promotional items for their marketing campaigns. They are searching for common items that have been overlooked as advertising pieces. Promotional lanyards are one of these common marketing items that business owners are starting to take notice of. They are favoured because they are inconspicuous, even though they are used every day by individuals in their personal and business lives.

Lanyards are simple objects that are designed to hold items that can be easily lost or misplaced. They act as a third hand or a third front-pocket for most individuals. Most of the time, a person will use their lanyard as a key holder. This is the best way from keeping a set of keys from being lost, since they are always hanging in front of the individual. It is normal to see lanyards being used by individuals who are in professions where keys are used quite often. Safety professionals, like correctional officers and security guards use lanyards quite often since they are usually in possession of a large number of keys.

A business in the safety industry can use this as an opportunity to promote their company. If they sell items like body armour, flashlights, pepper spray, and hand held metal detectors, they can advertise on lanyards and pass them out to security professionals. This is also a good ad medium for businesses that sell uniforms, safety glasses, and safety shoes. Their advertisement would be exposed to individuals who use and need their items every day.

Lanyards are also widely used by coaches and gym instructors. These individuals need to go in and out of private places quite often, so they need to have easy access to their keys at all times. They also use them to hold their whistle, and in some cases, the coach or instructor may have a bullhorn with a lanyard attached to it. Companies in the business of selling sporting goods have taken notice of this. It is not rare to see a sneaker company, or sporting goods store advertising on one of these items. If the coach has a big game that happens to be televised, there is the potential for millions of viewers to see that advertisement if the camera happens to focus on the coach.

Promotional lanyards have become increasingly popular with business owners as devices have become smaller. Individuals are using these items to hold their wallets and phones, along with their keys. They have also become popular amongst individuals who use small portable radios and recording devices. In this day and age, is normal to see someone using this item to hold their USB drive. Most of the time, these people are young, which means they are very social consumers. This is what makes lanyards to attractive to major businesses, and in this case, computer and technology companies.

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