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Promote your Company Name & Brand using Promotional Lanyards
Lanyards are widely used for holding the membership or identity cards as they can be easily hung around the neck. Though, some of the promotional cords that are used are totally plain, there are several others that are printed with the company name and logo to be used for the promotional purpose. These are quite cost effective and can be distributed in thousands at any trade fair, exhibition or seminar for promoting one’s business and brand. They can also be used for printing the messages if the organization and business is promoting some specific cause.

Usefulness of a lanyard in the business promotion

Businesses that are interested in promoting themselves may wonder as to why they should use a simple lanyard for promoting their brand or business. However, the answer to this question is rather simple. They can be distributed liberally to the customers, employees, prospects and events such as tradeshows, seminars and corporate events. Being cost effective, they are budget friendly too.

These promotional cords can also be used by the companies to distinguish their employees working in various departments. This can be done easily be printing them in various colours.

How to print these promotional cords?

There are many ways of printing promotional cords with the company details and logo. Many online suppliers provide vast range of such promotional cords for the promotion purpose. You can visit their website and choose the desired lanyard according to your preference and budget. Your order is usually processed within days and the finished product is shipped to your address.

These promotional cords are made using various types of materials such as nylon woven fabric and polyester. They can be non-breakaway or breakaway type, depending upon the purpose for which they are to be used. Usually, the promotional cords made using nylon are very popular as they are quite strong and easy to clean.

These promotional cords are printed by using the screen printing technique as it ensures that the company image and logo are properly imprinted on the lanyard. Another method used for printing the logos and company details on these promotional cords is known as hot stamping where the design that is to be printed is first transferred to a film and then onto the lanyard material.

With the advancement of technology, now sublimated lanyards are also available with many online sellers. In this process, intense heat is used in the dye sublimation process to transfer the message and logo onto the promotional lanyard. These promotional cords can easily withstand the UV rays and heat. Aside from this, they are crack proof, fade proof and peel proof. A great thing about these sublimated cords is that the message and images last for a very long time.

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