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Printed Lanyards Are a Cost Effective Way of Marketing
Printed lanyards are used as key holders, badge holders and ID holders. They can be used by potential clients because they are not age or gender specific. Lanyards are very cheap to design and create and they market a company to many target customers during sports, seminars, office parties and fund raising. A lanyard that has the company’s logo can be the best marketing tool because many people will want to be associated with the company and potential clients will inquire about the company’s products and services.

The lanyards that are branded are normally purchased in bulk at a discount price. Employees and clients can be given printed lanyards as gifts. This will benefit the employees, clients and the company because being visible in the contemporary society is what many businesses are striving to achieve. An employee will show family and friends who will show other friends creating a pool of potential clients. Clients will show their business associates the lanyards that were given as gifts by the company and many people will want to be associated with the company for being generous in offering gifts. A lanyard can be used to market a school, a hospital, sports team or a business. Custom lanyards can be made for companies that wish to market their products and services by using unique material that can be printed and also a connector that is used to attach items. The colour option for custom made lanyards is also available because many companies identify with different colours.

A lanyard used for promotional purposes comes in different sizes. The length and width will vary according to a company’s requests. When a company is carrying out a fund raiser to collect money for business expansion, lanyards can be given as free gifts when people contribute a certain amount of money or the lanyards can be sold at a higher price to ensure higher returns. Another use for lanyards as marketing tools is when a client has spent money on the company’s products or services and lanyards are issued as a gift for good business relationships.

The quality of lanyards needs to be high because potential clients will rate it with the company’s services and products. A sports company will engage spectators in a lively match because they will be wearing lanyards that have printed logo of a sports team in the field. The lanyards can be clipped to badges ensuring that spectators identify with a certain team and cheer for them throughout the match. Schools have lanyards that attract parents and guardians to transfer their children from other schools. This method of marketing is cost effective because it uses low costs to expand the business. Companies do not need to hire marketers to carry these lanyards because employees, spectators, students, patients and potential clients carry them without any costs. For a business to make profits, it needs to attract many clients and the best way to do so without wasting a lot of funds on expensive promotional tools.

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