18 Feb 2011   01:49:47 pm
The many uses of lanyards for business
Lanyards have become very popular and being used in various ways by many different people all over the world. They are something most often associated with the working world, which is true, but are also used for many unique as well as handy things ... more
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14 Feb 2011   02:20:01 pm
Promotional Lanyards Are Great For So Many Marketing Events
When working a marketing even such as a trade show or convention it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Many people decide to give away some sort of promotional item like a pin, flash light or usb drive. These items generally have a company's ... more
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08 Feb 2011   09:00:00 am
What are the associated benefits of Custom Lanyards?
Lanyards are a great way to get the word out about a group or business, an event, or a way for groups to build pride. These items are fun and useful and can be used in a variety of different ways. This is why so many people and groups invest ... more
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03 Feb 2011   11:16:32 am
The different uses of Lanyards in Business
The lanyard is a strip of material, usually bearing the name or logo of a various organisation, typically worn around the neck used to keep an item handy without forcing you to hold it. It is common to see these around the necks of people in ... more
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29 Jan 2011   01:16:59 pm
Custom Lanyards and Their Many Uses And Benefits
Lanyards are usually used as functional items. Most often used to identify people as belonging to a certain place of employment, school or company. Lanyards are usually used to carry identification badges or hold keys. They can be worn around ... more
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