04 Apr 2011   10:38:27 am
Brand it on a Printed Lanyard
Lanyards are mostly used for holding identity and membership cards so as to hang them on the neck. They enable the user to easily display their identity cards or carry keys and USB flash drives. While some lanyards can be plain, lanyards printed ... more
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14 Mar 2011   10:59:09 am
Custom Lanyards: Stand Out From the Crowd and Promote
Custom lanyards are very unique in nature because a company decides the design on the strap and connector. Lanyards are used to attach pens, mobile phones and store personal items. An example of inexpensive custom made lanyard is a neck lanyard ... more
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10 Mar 2011   10:00:47 am
Promotional Lanyards - Giving Employees & customers lanyards
Promotional business lanyards: The newest business idea
Lanyards are a great way to promote business. When someone sees someone for the first time, they will generally look at their face, and then their eyes will travel down. Having a ... more
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07 Mar 2011   10:52:22 am
Printed Lanyards Are a Cost Effective Way of Marketing
Printed lanyards are used as key holders, badge holders and ID holders. They can be used by potential clients because they are not age or gender specific. Lanyards are very cheap to design and create and they market a company to many target customers ... more
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05 Mar 2011   11:00:30 am
Why Neck Lanyards are Great for Security
Neck lanyards are seen as just a clothing accessory or a way to hold small items, but lanyards can be very useful in helping with security for you business, school, or event. The main way that they can help you is with the security is in the ... more
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