10 May 2011   11:15:22 am
Custom lanyards and their use in the healthcare profession
Have you ever been in a hospital and wondered if the person you see in medical scrubs is a patient or an employee of the hospital. From vendors to visitors thousands of people enter healthcare facilities every day of the week. With the increase ... more
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06 May 2011   11:20:54 am
Rope In Potential Clients With The Use Of Promotional Lanyar
One of the main goals of a business is to spread their company name. This needs to be done to grow business which means more money, which in-turn will mean more business and then you guessed it-more money. It is like the circle or a loop to continue ... more
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15 Apr 2011   01:00:10 pm
Secure your personal documents with Lanyards
Many times people want an easier way to secure their personal information without a lot of bulkiness. Having something bulky often is a flag to thieves that there is something valuable to steal. Another downside to having to keep up with a purse ... more
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12 Apr 2011   10:12:36 am
Promotional Lanyards are Becoming More Desirable to Business
The average promotional item on the market would consist of items that are used on a regular basis. These items would include pens, calendars, magnetic business cards, and calculators. However, business owners are starting to think outside the ... more
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08 Apr 2011   01:02:53 pm
Types of lanyards used for marketing
Lanyards are generally used for holding identification badges, access cards, key chains, and key cards and so on. Companies have used them for a long time to hold their employees access and as identification badges because they offer great visibility. ... more
Category : General | By : Promo-Lanyards |
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