13 Jun 2011   03:47:05 pm
The Benefits of Everyday Neck Lanyards
Neck lanyards have so many uses for businesses - from advertising, holding a name badge, representing a company and even to holding pins. Their vast usefulness is exactly why they are perfect for being worn every day. Let alone that they are ... more
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10 Jun 2011   10:42:48 am
The Many Types & Differences of Lanyards
Lanyards are moreover taken as a promotional object which is not only useful in various ways but can be a good gift. This strap is wrapped around the neck or on the belt so that keys whistle or similar objects can be tucked into it. Lanyards ... more
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07 Jun 2011   04:48:24 pm
Buying custom designed Printed lanyards
It is crucial for businesses today to look as professional as possible. The more identification that ties an employee to the business, the closer connected customers will feel to the store. Employees should have their name tag in a spot where ... more
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21 May 2011   11:30:35 am
Purchase Printed Lanyards with Your Logo or Message on
Lanyards are the most economical way of wearing IDs or tags, keeping your keys handy, or just about anything you can wear on a hook. Lanyards are also used by most school and university students and faculty to wear their respective identification ... more
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16 May 2011   11:17:48 am
Lanyards Are Becoming Very Popular Within UK Universities
Lanyards are a simple way of displaying identification, whether it is hung around the neck or on a wristband. The reason that identification should be displayed so that people can easily identify you is done for security reasons, as well as for ... more
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