18 Jul 2011   08:41:32 am
How to Correctly Purchase Printed Lanyards
In the recent years, the custom printed lanyards have gained immense popularity as an economical promotional tool among the various businesses. Businesses of all sizes ... more
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12 Jul 2011   01:29:55 pm
Benefits of Using Neck Lanyards
It is a proven fact that, at companies (especially retail stores), it creates a friendlier and more comfortable environment for a guest when they can find an employee in the store with some kind of name identification tag. And there are many ... more
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08 Jul 2011   09:27:12 am
Promote your Company Name & Brand using Promotional Lanyards
Lanyards are widely used for holding the membership or identity cards as they can be easily hung around the neck. Though, some of the promotional cords that are used ... more
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04 Jul 2011   12:25:11 pm
Key Points to Consider with Custom Lanyards
Companies have many marketing options available today. Cheaper than commercials, radio, print, or even online ads, are promotional materials given away at no cost. All of these materials are more or less targeted at a specific group of people. ... more
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16 Jun 2011   02:50:11 pm
The Options For ID Lanyards
ID lanyards help hold the identity badges of participants in a conference, group meeting, school reunion, and employees. There a many options for identity lanyards. The lanyard itself comes in many varieties as does the ID badge. Often companies ... more
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