22 Sep 2011   10:58:49 am
Custom Lanyards: Favourite Marketing Tool for Companies
In challenging economic times businesses are searching for low-cost but effective ways to promote themselves far beyond a trade show or other corporate event. Custom lanyards are an ideal medium for company promotions. A custom made lanyard has ... more
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07 Aug 2011   12:47:57 pm
Giving Your Promotional Lanyard the Right Theme
Lanyards are one way of promoting a business to the public without spending a lot of money. These ID holders give businesses an inexpensive way of promoting their business through multiple advertisements. A lanyard advertisement campaign is like ... more
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06 Aug 2011   11:46:07 am
Do You Have To Get Everything Done In Your Business Logo?
How To Promote Without A Huge Bill

When you want to promote your business name, to the largest number of consumers for an affordable costing, businesses must consider the best ways of using their advertising budget in order to ... more
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05 Aug 2011   07:42:54 pm
How to Use Promotional Lanyards for your Business Growth
Business growth and development is a key concern for most businesses, both large and small, in the UK sector. Marketing strategies have to be developed so that companies can reach a wide array of individuals to help them build their brand and ... more
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05 Aug 2011   01:42:35 pm
How ID Lanyards Can Make Your Office Safer and More Secure
Businesses in the post 9 11 era understand just how critical it is to maintain the security of employees and staff. Prior to the 9 11 the safety of an office was important but it became increasingly so, after that horrible event. One tool that ... more
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