06 Dec 2011   11:52:45 am
Top 5 Benefits of Neck Lanyards
Neck lanyards have been widely used by thousands of businesses to promote their brand. They are a favourite marketing tool for both ... more
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21 Nov 2011   03:26:53 pm
Custom Printed Lanyards For Your Brand
Promotional products have been used as a marketing tool for decades and one of the most popular choices of products for businesses are custom printed lanyards. ... more
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24 Sep 2011   11:02:16 am
Top Tips to Help Select the Best Printed Lanyards Providers
A promotional item is supposed to represent the company or organisation it is promoting. This means that if the company is supposed to be quality then the item must also be quality because what the client sees is all he or she has from which ... more
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23 Sep 2011   11:00:54 am
Brief Historic Overview of the Lanyard!
The concept of the lanyard came about first in the earliest reference to the lanyard in the seventeenth century. When it was first heard of, the personnel on board a Navy vessel would use a piece of rigging to keep things secure on ship and would ... more
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22 Sep 2011   11:00:49 am
Lanyards Can Help Make a Fashionable Workplace
The Lanyards trace back to late 19th century when these were used to secure the jack knives during wars. Soon it changed places of wearing to find its way to make a fashion statement. Nowadays these have taken the shape of a simple cord with ... more
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