16 May 2011 11:17:48 am
Lanyards Are Becoming Very Popular Within UK Universities
Lanyards are a simple way of displaying identification, whether it is hung around the neck or on a wristband. The reason that identification should be displayed so that people can easily identify you is done for security reasons, as well as for a way of quickly noting who is who for organisational purposes. For these reasons they are fast becoming popular within universities in the UK.

Most universities have issued their professors and students an ID card. This ID card ranges from school to school, but will typically include the school crest, the person’s name, as well as identifying whether they are staff or student.

Having people wear these every day will ensure that security officers can tell if you should be on the campus. Often, “visitors” show up and have no reason to be on campus. To avoid these problems, security can simply look for a lanyard and continue through to bigger problems.

The displaying of identification can also help to organize people more efficiently. When there are large crowds of people, a colour coded lanyard makes it easier to determine where each person should be. There are ways to either colour code, place numbers, or other things on the lanyard so that staff can easily identify who should be where. It will also help students to locate people who have similar interests, same classes, or whether someone is a professor or a fellow student.

A Lanyard can come in a variety of styles, making it easy to personalise for the needs of an individual or for the university. The material in which the lanyard is made up of can be cotton, nylon, or even plastic. The part that holds the identification can either be a plastic holder for an ID to slip in, or a clip for the ID, or even a special ID made specifically for the lanyard.

Identification is important because it will allow everyone to feel safer. Universities are filled with a lot of people, so it’s easy to slip in and go unnoticed. But when everyone is wearing ID, it makes it harder for someone who shouldn’t be there to sneak in. In today’s world, everyone is taking higher measures of security, which is why they have become so popular.

A lanyard allow for the identification to be always visible. There’s no inconvenience of having to pull an ID card from a pocket or wallet every time someone wants to confirm details. There’s also a less likely change of the ID being lost or stolen. When it hangs from a neck or on the wrist, that person is wearing it at all times, so it can’t be dropped or taken without the person wearing it being extremely aware of what’s going on.

Universities in the UK are making sure that their staff and students are protected. Lanyards are becoming so popular because it enables everyone to be identified in a non-invasive way. When the ID is visible, there’s no more need of being stopped, taking the time to find a card and show it before passing.

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