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Lanyards: Everything you Have Ever Wanted to Know
For those who do not know what a lanyard is and the variety of uses they can be put to, this article will be helpful. A lanyard is a short length of rope or cord that is used by anyone from school going children to professionals, office goers and traders. Each person has his own special purpose for using a lanyard. People have both long term and short-term uses for wearing them. The short-term uses for lanyards are trade shows, conferences, parties and other events. It is mainly for identification purposes that most people wear them. However, the major reason behind wearing ID cards is for promotional reasons. When a group of 10 or 20 people walks around sporting ID cards or other small objects, it is bound to get attention. The more attractive the card is, the more curious the visitors are going to be.

Wearing a lanyard has other purposes too. It leaves the wearer’s hands free for other important needs. The wearer doesn’t have to bother with his identification object once it is clasped to the special clip that comes with the lanyard. Women, who are more fashion conscious sometimes, wear their ID cards on beaded cords. Young people often come up with more innovative uses for a lanyard. They use it to carry their mp3 players, zip drives, mobile phones or even car keys. In fact, they can carry anything that doesn’t weigh too much. Youngsters are always looking for some innovative way to wear their badges and ID cards so this is a good option for them. It defines their personality and complements their attire.

There are companies that make their own lanyards. They put a great deal of effort into making them, because it is the best promotional gimmick they can get. The more innovative and thoughtful they are, the more response they get.

Since there are so many different varieties of such strings around, there is room for so many different styles. There are plain ones and specialty ones. Sports teams can use these specialty ones because they all have their logo attached to them. The team or company name could be custom printed on it and the whole thing looks extremely professional. The most decent and simple cord comes in the form of a metal ball chain that is elegant and yet stylish. For the strap, they can choose either a nylon one or a cotton one and choose lovely designs and sensible colour combinations. The prices for these cords depend up on the need of the wearer. There are cords that are available for as low as two dollars.

There is the break way lanyard, which is very useful when a person wants something of value near him all the time. These can be detached easily and can hold items like keys, pens and safety items like pepper spray. Carrying a pepper spray on a string or cord will make the item quite handy when women are traveling alone. The only thing the wearer has to do is to detach the spray by squeezing the two clasps of the cord.

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