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Lanyard Ideas for Themes for Your Business
A lanyard is a strip of braided fabric designed to be worn around the neck or wrist. Lanyards have a clip on the bottom which is designed to hold an item securely. Promotional lanyards can be imprinted with a company logo in a repeated pattern along the full length of the lanyard.

The main purpose of a lanyard is to hold an item. Lanyards can be used to hold a work ID badge, a USB flash drive, a camera, sun glasses or even keys. Many other items could also be attached to the end of a lanyard. The purposes for a lanyard are only limited by the imagination. Click here for more on printed lanyards

Lanyards make great promotional gifts because they are very inexpensive. While Lanyards can certainly be gifted alone, often companies use them as an attachment to another gift such as a promotional USB flash drive. Usually a company will try to think of a gift that fits some aspect of their business, and attach a lanyard to it in order to remind their clients of their services. Lanyards can be purchased separately, or with other gifts already attached, but the list of things one can attach to a lanyard are limitless. Because Lanyards are so versatile in use, the possibilities for their use in promoting a specific business are also open to creative interpretations.

Possible Uses for Promotional Lanyards
A dentist might attach a toothbrush to a lanyard telling the patient this will help you remember to brush. A hardware store might attach a tape measure, while an IT consultant might attach a USB flash drive to the lanyard. In general the idea is to attach a promotional gift which is relevant in some way to the lanyard.

Many Lanyards come with something already attached. One of the main uses for lanyards is to hold a company ID Badge. Some Lanyards come with a badge reel. A badge reel has a cord which reels out to allow viewing, and then the cord retracts to bring the badge back into place around the neck. ID badge lanyards are necessary in companies where IDs are necessary. They are also great for trade shows, conventions, and conferences.

Colours and Features
Lanyards come in many colours and can be printed with any colour of ink, in order that they can match the company logos of virtually any company. In selecting a lanyard it is best to use a colour that is normally associated with the company logo.

Some lanyards come with special features. There is even a lanyard with small lights right near the clip. These are great for badge holders, or for items like keys which might be used in the dark.

Lanyards make great gifts or additional gifts to insure the safety and usefulness of the main gift given. Lanyards are frequently used longer or separately from the main gift though, and generally have a very long lifespan of usefulness. Over the years a lanyard might remain with a person, they will be a constant reminder of the company they represent.
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