05 Aug 2011 01:42:35 pm
How ID Lanyards Can Make Your Office Safer and More Secure
Businesses in the post 9 11 era understand just how critical it is to maintain the security of employees and staff. Prior to the 9 11 the safety of an office was important but it became increasingly so, after that horrible event. One tool that businesses have employed in order to make the office more safe and secure is the Identification lanyard. This tool can help determine who is an employee and supposed to be in the building and who is not. Most lanyards that are being used by many businesses today come with the name of the company or its logo printed on the front of the card, along with a picture and name of the employee, and some type of magnetic strip that is linked to the employee which grants them access into the building. ID lanyards are a vital part of a security policy thereby making your business or organisation a much safer place for employees.

Identification lanyards make it easy for security personnel to visually recognise each person in the building; as a result it is much easier to determine who is an employee and who is not. It is recommended that employees wear the lanyard somewhere on their upper body so that it is clearly visible at all times this can cut down on the incident of being questioned by security and even employees. Human Resources, have even stepped up its efforts, internally by asking its employees to notify security of anyone that does not have some type of identification available on their person. This visual recognition piece is a concerted effort that is being undertaken by the whole of the company to lessen the incident of a security breach.

ID lanyards also are great in controlling building access. By coordinating the identification lanyards of employees with the access control of the building, companies are able to limit the occurrence of an individual(s) entering into the building without authorisation. Access control systems grant access to all employees and visitors have to enter through a monitored entrance. Many security systems are even able to monitor the number of people/employees in a building, so in the event of an accident or incident the central control/monitoring system can tell if the employee is still in the building or not because of employees having to swipe their cards before they enter or exit the building.

The use of the identification lanyard has become a fairly common security protocol for most businesses and organisations. However, some companies feel that because of its size the lanyards may not be a necessity. Regardless of whether or not, you have a small business with fifty or less employees or are a large corporation, identification lanyards will definitely make the office more safe and secure but please note that the effectiveness of the tool is without a doubt determined by the dedication and involvement of the employees.

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