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Composing A Market Plan Ė Tips Ďní Tricks
Composing a market plan can be the single most important thing you do as a business. If you get it right and you stick to it, youíd be unlucky not to experience success in one way or another. Marketing plans should be revised time and time again until you think that youíve ironed out all of the creases that are there, or could exist in the future. This is by no means a comprehensive guide; consider this your starting point upon which you should expand.

Elevator Speech

If you canít describe your business, service or product in the time it takes to take the elevator ride to your floor; you havenít done it right. Even the most complex companies can be summed up succinctly, thatís the beauty of an ďelevator speech.Ē Take your time and discuss what you do with all of your top performers and partners. If youíre struggling to find a concise way to describe yourself, write everything that you do down and slowly reduce it until you have a short speech. Combine sentences and remove points which can be safely assumed. Nobody can tell you when this is right, only you will know; but you will know when it is! If youíre not sure, itís not done.

Goals and Objectives

Without something to aim for, your business will be swimming in the shallows waiting for a big fish to come along. You need to establish both short term and long term targets; these might be as radically different as ďSurvive our first monthĒ to ďBecome the market leader.Ē Keep them realistic, but donít give yourself a glass ceiling. Have these targets in your mind every day, assess every action and decide whether itís contributing to your overall goals. If it isnít, why are you doing it?

Identify Your Competitors

You need to know every single competitor that you will be lining up against. This includes the small fries who you donít think will impact your market, all the way up to the monolithic corporation who are sucking up all of your potential customers. When you know who youíre up against, you can make better decisions on your tactics and target your campaigns better. Donít rule out smaller competition who could become a threat very quickly and donít think the market leaders are untouchable.


Every task you set out upon should have somebody accountable for it. In a small business, this might be you every time. Donít let plans sit in the bottom drawer, tactics can quickly become outdated and ineffective if left to gather dust. Youíll find yourself spending all of your time doing research and drawing out tactics if you donít action them immediately. Identify whose responsibilities are what, distinguish between the different departments within your building with Promo Lanyards. Also, donít forget to get your employees to wear your lanyards on their lunch break, tap into that free brand exposure around your office!
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Simple Ways To Get More Customers
Whilst some industries can capitalise on a slump in the economy, most of us will experience an unfortunate downturn in the number of customers. When business goes downhill it can be difficult to keep your head above water and your spirits high, but there are ways to get those customers back; or new customers altogether. Itís a case of combining several techniques to try and maximise your potential and catchment area for all those people out there who could potentially be parting with their money for your product or service. Below are some of the best ways to bring your numbers back into the black.

Marketing Techniques

Small businesses tend to have tried and tested marketing techniques that have served them well in their birth. Whether youíve outgrown those techniques as your company has gotten larger, or youíre still a small fry but those particular techniques arenít working now; itís time to re-examine your strategy. Expand into channels that you havenít been present in yet, remember that print media isnít dead; neither is radio and television. A lot of businesses fall victim to reliance on the internet, step out of the picture and take a look at how much exposure you could receive in more traditional marketing streams. The same applies if youíve not expanded onto the web yet either.


With the advent and rise of social networking websites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), a lot of people have forgotten the meaning of networking without the web. Networking is very important, especially if youíre looking to contend with market leaders. You need to be moving in the right circles, those that contain people who can be influenced by your product or service. If youíre a plumber, you need to network with carpenters, builders, tradesmen; all of whom will come into contact with people in need of your trade. You also need to network with local DIY stores, property developers, estate agents, landlords; anything which has the slightest relevance to your business.
As with marketing, the same applies in reverse. If youíre still networking offline and you havenít moved onto Facebook and Twitter; youíre already a step behind. If youíre not active there, your competitors are enjoying your market share because of the lack of competition.


Referrals can make or break a business, particularly if youíre a local supplier or service. One would hope that youíre good enough at what you do for people to naturally praise you, but that isnít always the case. Give your customers and clients an incentive to drum up business for you; perhaps 10% off their next purchase if they find you a new lead; first refusal on a new product or two hoursí work for the price of one. Itís amazing how far customers will go to save themselves a little money.

However you choose to revitalise your customer base, remember that brand exposure can be one of the most important techniques to use. If they donít know who you are and what you do, they wonít use you. Visit the Promo Lanyards online store to browse our range of promotional lanyards which offer one of the cheapest and most effective ways to make yourself known.
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Choosing The Material Of Your Lanyard
So youíve made the informed decision to invest in some promotional lanyards for your business or event. Thatís great news, youíve joined an exclusive club of people who realise just how powerful these succinct and creative garments can be; granting low cost exposure for your brand time and time again. But now youíre faced with another decision; what kind of lanyard do you want? You have a lot of choice here, function, colour, design, print, texture, material; too much to be covered in one article. One of the most important aspects of a lanyard is for it to be comfortable, to feel good to wear and to last long. With these three factors combined, youíre going to see people using your personalised lanyards to safeguard their phones and keys, giving you free repeated marketing. Selecting the right material is paramount to achieving this, you have three main choices.

Polyester is the King and Queen of promotional lanyards. If youíve ever come into contact with one, chances are that it was made from polyester. Polyethylene, which makes up the majority of polyester, is flame resistant and cannot be set fire to. It will last a very long time and can be dyed in a variety of colours, but polyester is often produced in low quality. If youíre opting for polyester, be sure that your manufacturer uses high grade materials and printing presses to avoid blotching.

Nylon is another very popular choice in the promotional lanyards market, offering a smooth and silky finish which can boast high gloss designs. With a much tighter weave than competing materials, it is one of the best to print on as it provides a much firmer surface. Nylon is the choice to go for when you require small text, detailed logos or complex designs.

Recycled Bamboo
For companies with an eye on their green credentials (which should be everyone) there are a number of options available. Firstly is recycled bamboo fibre, which is made from the crushed plant fibres to form a very nylon-like material. Bamboo offers almost all of the advantages of competing materials with virtually none of the drawbacks, expect to pay a little more but have a warmer feeling inside!

Promo Lanyards stock all of these three main materials in their range of products, whilst also offering another eco solution in their recycled PET lanyards.
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Marketing Tips For Small Businesses
Succeeding as a small business has always been difficult, even before the economy began to take a downturn in 2008. Larger corporations have always benefitted from the loose laws, whilst smaller organisations have to work in the doldrums until they finally achieve their big break. Sitting around and waiting for this big break is what ruins a lot of them, marketing your company as much as you can is one of biggest pieces in the puzzle. Nobody can buy your product or service if they donít know you exist, and nobody will know you exist if you donít market yourself well. Sometimes the tips can be so small and obvious that youíll kick yourself for not thinking of them!

Buddy Marketing
Try pairing up with a non-competitive business in your field or local area. By canvassing or sending our leaflets with both of your promotions in, you can cut the cost of distribution and potentially double your target area. For example, you might be a car washing service in London and you could partner with a car repair shop in your area, both agreeing to flyer half of the catchment area. Be careful here not to associate yourself with any illicit or questionable brands, and be sure that the other company isnít about to fold and they donít rip-off their customers! Reputation can be leeched from partners, so keep an eye out for this.

This is where your website comes in handy, do you have one? Make sure youíre on the ball with everything online, including social media. The whole point of this content is to spread the word about your company or your brand. You might want to offer a free car wash to everybody who shares the post on their Facebook Wall, or to everybody who re-tweets it. Consider that most people have a few hundred friends on their social media accounts, giving away a free product is more than worth the exposure. Remember that the bigger the prize the more likely people are to share. Even if they donít win, theyíll still have an existing knowledge of your brand and when theyíre next in London and need a car wash, yours will be the first that pops into their head.

Succinct Creativity

Attention spans arenít what they used to be, the internet has put paid to that. Keep all of your advertising brief, but creative too. Consider putting your best slogan on a postcard with your contact details and syndicating it to influential people in your target market, potential customers and companies. Keep people intrigued and excited, youíll have no problem.

A fantastic way to keep things brief is by using promotional lanyards. Promo Lanyards have stock hundreds of possibilities which can increase the exposure of your brand day in, day out.
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Designing A Killer Company Logo
Building the right branding for your company is essential to developing a good corporate personality. Particularly important in times of poor economy and recession, the consumers are being more picky than ever because of the perceived higher cost of living. Designing a killer company logo can be the difference between the local market coming to you, or going to the guy next door. If youíre an online business, your logo will become synonymous with your company and it might even replace your company name in popularity. Designing the right logo takes a little thought and time, but it can have a drastic effect on the perception of your business.

Unless you operate your business on a local street level, your company will be judged on their branding. If a consumer is surfing the internet and they see an advertisement for your product or service, that small piece of text and image is going to give them their first impressions. Make sure that your logo is built and designed to appeal to the market that youíre targeting. If youíre selling hardware and software to tech-enthusiasts; you donít want a logo that looks like it comes from an 1800s library. Equally if youíre selling pensions, donít go for the gadgetry and technology. Cleaner logos almost always work better than busy designs, simplicity is the key to success when it comes to compact branding, so you should bring this mantra into your logo design.

Looking at your competitors is a good way to establish groundwork to base your logo upon. Look at your strongest competitors, those who spend the most on advertising, have a bigger presence and enjoy more success in their compact branding. You should also be looking at the current trend in graphic design and logos to get a sense for whatís popular at the moment. Paying attention to both of these things is crucial because you want to know what to avoid. Donít follow the trends popular at the moment because, by the very nature of trends, your logo will become outdated if it follows this formula. Trying to replicate or take the best from your opponentís logo can also be detrimental, you just wonít stand out. If youíre in a saturated market like electronics, technology or consumables; itís all about being different to the rest. Show the public that you can offer a better or a difference service to your competition by remaining individual. Innovation is king in marketing.

Make sure that your logo is functional. You need to design a logo that works just as well on a business card as it does on a billboard banner in the city. Make sure that you, or your graphic designer, build the image as a vector graphic so that it can be resized without the loss of any resolution. Keep the colours to a minimum, not exceeding two or three unless you absolutely have to. Printing is expensive and when it comes to using your logo on products, youíll hit stumbling blocks if its too complex.

The best advice for designing a killer company logo is to stay unique, and go professional. Logos should last for years, so donít worry about the outlay of £200 for a small logo. Spend the right amount of money to achieve the best effect, it will more than pay for itself if itís right.

Printing your logo onto a lanyard is the perfect way to advertise at conventions and exhibitions, order your lanyards from Promo-Lanyards.net for great prices and quick delivery.
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