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Custom Printed Lanyards For Your Brand
Promotional products have been used as a marketing tool for decades and one of the most popular choices of products for businesses are custom printed lanyards. They are convenient and widely used for a range of purposes, including promotional marketing events and creating internal company brand identity.

The main functions of lanyards are to hold I.D. or membership cards, keys, flash drives and even mobile phones. Lanyards are perfect for offices, hospitals, schools, and any organization where employees are required to wear identification. They offer a great opportunity for businesses to advertise their brand or logo because lanyards are products that are seen by people everyday. Custom printed lanyards are also great for promotional give-aways for your company and are a great fundraiser for charities, school societies or clubs. Sports teams and music bands can also sell custom lanyards to their fans, with their mascot or logo printed on them.

Typically inexpensive and when purchased in bulk quantities, custom printed lanyards are available at a reasonable price. Individuals are able to choose the length, color, width, material, and customization of their printed lanyard. The standard width of printed lanyards is 3/8", 5/8", Ύ" or 1". When deciding on which type to choose for your company, you need to find styles that suit your business image. For example, office based businesses may opt for a blue colour to reflect a corporate image, or if you’re in the gaming industry, you should try something bold such as a yellow or orange lanyard.

The major advantages of printed lanyards are that they are small, lightweight, inexpensive and, most importantly, very popular with recipients. Using lanyards, and customising them, is a great way to give consumers something for free, and will get the company name or logo out to the general public. To create a positive impact of your business, strong visuals are ideal, especially on dye-subliminated lanyards, which allow you to print full colour images, graphics and logos. Even if you use one striking colour, it keeps the contrast high, and when you're trying to attract attention across a busy trade show floor, you really want to max out on contrast. They also have the capacity to be seen by a wider marketing audience, thereby increasing exposure and making them an effective advertising tool.

Custom printed lanyards are particularly useful for large companies, often where hundreds of employees from different departments work. In the same way that shop assistants have name badges, you should create simple name tags attached to lanyards for a professional look and to encourage easier communication. There are various attachments for these lanyards such as alligator clips, breakaway clips, swivel hooks, j hooks and many more.

Given proper use and occasional laundering every now and again, lanyards can last for years. Many business people think custom lanyards are expensive to make, but they cost no more than other similar promotional items. They are truly a great investment for your marketing campaign. What better way to engage and interact with your target audience than with unique lanyards that can be custom printed with your logo?
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