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Custom Lanyards: Favourite Marketing Tool for Companies
In challenging economic times businesses are searching for low-cost but effective ways to promote themselves far beyond a trade show or other corporate event. Custom lanyards are an ideal medium for company promotions. A custom made lanyard has become a favourite marketing tool for companies small and large, with the costs of creating unique lanyards affordable for all corporate budgets. Branding has moved beyond the brochure, business card and website to the lanyard around the neck of the employee and convention attendee.

The available choice when ordering specially made lanyards is extensive and this should be carefully considered before placing the order to have them made. There are numerous materials to choose from including printed polyester, a printed tube, printed satin and a printed reflective material. There are also beautiful woven lanyards that can feature the name and logo of a company woven into the fabric. The woven lanyards can also include custom embroidery. The width of the lanyard can range from 3/8 to 1 inch and can include logos and other branding.

There are also lots of choices to be made about what kind of clip will be used at the end of the lanyard. Lanyards that are used to hold ID badges for employees and corporate guests most frequently utilize three types of clips – the bulldog clip, the badge holder and the badge reel. The bulldog clip is a type of clamp that can hold onto many things at the end of the lanyard. The badge holder and badge reel are most frequently used for the durability of long term wear for the employee badge. Lanyards used for conventions can have clips known as lobster claws and j-hooks that both have quick release tabs.

The creative use of a custom lanyard can make it the ideal choice for company promotions. In any business situation where a name tag is needed or required, a name badge held by a lanyard that has been printed or embroidered with the business name and logo is a valuable added bonus. A promotional giveaway is another great use for a lanyard displaying a company name and logo. In trade shows and conventions, lanyards can be given to potential customers with a long lasting reminder of the product or business.

In addition to the more traditional materials used in custom lanyards, a new type is gathering attention from businesses hoping to be more environmentally friendly and known for “going green.” Some lanyard vendors are now offering custom made lanyards made of recycled plastic. The scientific name of this material is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET). This creative product means that lanyards can be made from a recycled product and would serve as a great reminder of a company’s dedication to a cleaner environment.

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