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Brief Historic Overview of the Lanyard!
The concept of the lanyard came about first in the earliest reference to the lanyard in the seventeenth century. When it was first heard of, the personnel on board a Navy vessel would use a piece of rigging to keep things secure on ship and would keep important and valuable information tied to them for easy accessibility while at sea.

For Military personnel, the lanyard would be used to secure a knife and whistles that were being placed into the personnel’s pockets while also securing a pistol or sword to someone’s uniform. Soon after this, the lanyard would become an important element for their uniform.

The next reference came about when it was known in the 1950’s that children were making crafts from knotting of string or from braiding of the string. It soon became a popular fad and suddenly, the lanyard was everywhere.

Since this time in history, the lanyard is now being used as a method to keep valuables secure while walking, hiking, working and so on. Another popular method of the lanyard is to keep something on display when you need an ID card or a reason to keep something at hand.

Customised lanyards are popular for companies and organisations who want to advertise who they are and what they do. They are a cheap way to send your message out there and to keep your belongings attached to yourself. You can wear the lanyard a number of ways such as around your neck or tied to your clothes.

It is quite obviously that the lanyard is not a popular trend in the fashion world however, the message and logo on the lanyards is what makes it so popular. You may not find it on a runway but my bet is that someone in the backstage area is wearing a lanyard to keep their ID handy and to show that they are part of the backstage crew for the fashion show.

The lanyard is created from a number of different materials such as nylon, polyester and of course cotton. They come in an assortment of colours and can feature a simple logo or a complex logo. You can choose to stand out with your lanyard or you can choose to blend in with all the others who are sporting them. Depending on the message that you are trying to send will depend on how you want to wear your lanyard.

If you are thinking of hosting a party or get together and are looking for a simple and affordable party gift, the lanyard would be a great way to go. They are simple yet appreciated because they do give the individuals a way to keep tabs on things that they need such as the keys. If you are hosting a get together or are working at an event and need to have someone show they are supposed to be there at that time, the lanyard will help to show that person is in the right place at the right time. All of this can be achieved with the lanyard.

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