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Brand it on a Printed Lanyard
Lanyards are mostly used for holding identity and membership cards so as to hang them on the neck. They enable the user to easily display their identity cards or carry keys and USB flash drives. While some lanyards can be plain, lanyards printed with company names and logos are becoming more common each day. However, the function of printed lanyards goes beyond holding identity cards. They can be used to promote businesses and companies looking to make their presence felt in meetings seminars or even trade shows. Besides company names and logos, lanyards can also be printed with a message especially if the company is promoting a specific cause.

Why use Printed Lanyards?

A business owner who is looking to promote their business may wonder why they should use lanyards.

Lanyards can be given away during seminars, tradeshows, school events and company meetings or even sold as novelty items to promote the business. They can be used within a company or meeting to distinguish between individuals from different departments or in a seminar to identify people from a certain organization. This can be done by printing different colours lanyards or designing the lanyards differently.

In a large commercial building, every time other people see the lanyards it builds the company's image. The advertising capability of the chosen lanyards will depend a lot on how wide they are. Wider lanyards make it much easier to print company names, logos and messages. When one walks around wearing a company's lanyard, they literally become a walking advertisement for the business and their products and services.

How to print Lanyards

There are various ways to print lanyards with a company name or logo. Though most people will order company lanyards online, printing can easily be done at home with desk publishing and printing tools. Lanyards can be made from a variety of materials including polyester, nylon and woven fabric and can either be breakaway or non-breakaway depending on the purpose for which they are intended. Nylon is the most popular lanyard material since it is easy to clean and is also strong.

Screen printing is one of the best methods for printing lanyards. It not only gives good results but also ensures that the images are durable. In screen printing, the design is transferred onto a fine mesh screen and then onto the lanyard. The other method of printing lanyards is hot stamping. It involves first transferring the design to a film from which the design is then transferred onto the lanyard material. Another method that is used to produce detailed text and logos is the dye sublimation process. The best thing about printing lanyards using this method is that the images last much longer.

Before ordering lanyards for a company, one must take time to research the best options available. This allows them to buy the best possible option for their money and at the same time get great bargains. Companies should also consider buying lanyards in bulk so as to enjoy cost savings.

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