12 Jul 2011 01:29:55 pm
Benefits of Using Neck Lanyards
It is a proven fact that, at companies (especially retail stores), it creates a friendlier and more comfortable environment for a guest when they can find an employee in the store with some kind of name identification tag. And there are many different ways to make an employee's name easily identifiable in the store. For example, some stores embroider the employee's name on their uniform or shirt, and some companies have plastic name tags that clip onto the uniform. However, the best way of allowing customers to be able to identify employees by name is to have their names displayed in neck lanyards. There are so many benefits to using neck lanyards for these purposes as opposed to name embroidering or clip on name tags.

The first obvious advantage of using lanyards is that they tend to be much cheaper than other options. Lanyards are typically just made out of plastic with a band attached so that it can be hung around the neck and they are extremely cheap to buy, especially in bulk. After that, all the company needs to do is print out a piece of paper with the employee's name on it and place it in the lanyard itself. Other types of name identification, such as embroidery, are expensive and a waste of money because, in this case, if the employee leaves, a whole new shirt will have to be made with another employee's name on it. Also, name tags that pin on tend to cause damage over time to uniforms and shirts, which leads to a company having to spend more money on uniforms.

Aside from that, there are other benefits to using lanyards as well. For example, they allow for more personalisation. Many companies, aside from having a name displayed on a lanyard, will have other information about the employee, such as what they specialise in at the store, and even information on special deals and discounts. Additionally, lanyards are useful for employees because they can also be used for storage. This is convenient for keeping time cards in as well as other handy information, such as coupons to hand out to guests and other things as well. Furthermore, lanyards come in so many different styles and colours, and they can be made customised for companies with logos and other things put on the neck bands themselves.

So rather than using traditional name tags, which can ruin uniforms, or go through the difficult and expensive process of having a name embroidered onto a uniform, more and more businesses these days are switching to the more convenient, affordable and much more customisable lanyards when it comes to making their employees' names easily identifiable to their valued customers.

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