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Benefits of Using Neck Lanyards
It is a proven fact that, at companies (especially retail stores), it creates a friendlier and more comfortable environment for a guest when they can find an employee in the store with some kind of name identification tag. And there are many different ways to make an employee's name easily identifiable in the store. For example, some stores embroider the employee's name on their uniform or shirt, and some companies have plastic name tags that clip onto the uniform. However, the best way of allowing customers to be able to identify employees by name is to have their names displayed in neck lanyards. There are so many benefits to using neck lanyards for these purposes as opposed to name embroidering or clip on name tags.

The first obvious advantage of using lanyards is that they tend to be much cheaper than other options. Lanyards are typically just made out of plastic with a band attached so that it can be hung around the neck and they are extremely cheap to buy, especially in bulk. After that, all the company needs to do is print out a piece of paper with the employee's name on it and place it in the lanyard itself. Other types of name identification, such as embroidery, are expensive and a waste of money because, in this case, if the employee leaves, a whole new shirt will have to be made with another employee's name on it. Also, name tags that pin on tend to cause damage over time to uniforms and shirts, which leads to a company having to spend more money on uniforms.

Aside from that, there are other benefits to using lanyards as well. For example, they allow for more personalisation. Many companies, aside from having a name displayed on a lanyard, will have other information about the employee, such as what they specialise in at the store, and even information on special deals and discounts. Additionally, lanyards are useful for employees because they can also be used for storage. This is convenient for keeping time cards in as well as other handy information, such as coupons to hand out to guests and other things as well. Furthermore, lanyards come in so many different styles and colours, and they can be made customised for companies with logos and other things put on the neck bands themselves.

So rather than using traditional name tags, which can ruin uniforms, or go through the difficult and expensive process of having a name embroidered onto a uniform, more and more businesses these days are switching to the more convenient, affordable and much more customisable lanyards when it comes to making their employees' names easily identifiable to their valued customers.

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Promote your Company Name & Brand using Promotional Lanyards
Lanyards are widely used for holding the membership or identity cards as they can be easily hung around the neck. Though, some of the promotional cords that are used are totally plain, there are several others that are printed with the company name and logo to be used for the promotional purpose. These are quite cost effective and can be distributed in thousands at any trade fair, exhibition or seminar for promoting one’s business and brand. They can also be used for printing the messages if the organization and business is promoting some specific cause.

Usefulness of a lanyard in the business promotion

Businesses that are interested in promoting themselves may wonder as to why they should use a simple lanyard for promoting their brand or business. However, the answer to this question is rather simple. They can be distributed liberally to the customers, employees, prospects and events such as tradeshows, seminars and corporate events. Being cost effective, they are budget friendly too.

These promotional cords can also be used by the companies to distinguish their employees working in various departments. This can be done easily be printing them in various colours.

How to print these promotional cords?

There are many ways of printing promotional cords with the company details and logo. Many online suppliers provide vast range of such promotional cords for the promotion purpose. You can visit their website and choose the desired lanyard according to your preference and budget. Your order is usually processed within days and the finished product is shipped to your address.

These promotional cords are made using various types of materials such as nylon woven fabric and polyester. They can be non-breakaway or breakaway type, depending upon the purpose for which they are to be used. Usually, the promotional cords made using nylon are very popular as they are quite strong and easy to clean.

These promotional cords are printed by using the screen printing technique as it ensures that the company image and logo are properly imprinted on the lanyard. Another method used for printing the logos and company details on these promotional cords is known as hot stamping where the design that is to be printed is first transferred to a film and then onto the lanyard material.

With the advancement of technology, now sublimated lanyards are also available with many online sellers. In this process, intense heat is used in the dye sublimation process to transfer the message and logo onto the promotional lanyard. These promotional cords can easily withstand the UV rays and heat. Aside from this, they are crack proof, fade proof and peel proof. A great thing about these sublimated cords is that the message and images last for a very long time.

Promo Lanyards are specialists in branded and printed lanyards in a variety of materials and styles. Get your marketing or business logo on a lanyard today. Enquire for prices now
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Key Points to Consider with Custom Lanyards
Companies have many marketing options available today. Cheaper than commercials, radio, print, or even online ads, are promotional materials given away at no cost. All of these materials are more or less targeted at a specific group of people. T-shirts are a common tool, but many people may not want to wear it. Hats have the same problem. Pens are commonly used, but more often than not they end up gathering dust. Coffee mugs only have utility to coffee drinkers.

One promotional tool sure to provide valuable utility to all users is a custom lanyard. A lanyard is a cloth or plastic device worn around the neck like a necklace that allows any item you can put on key chain to be securely fastened while keeping both hands free. Unlike other promotional tools, lanyards cross across all age and class spectrums.

Young mothers can benefit by storing keys and other items, allowing both hands free to deal with the children. Anyone who works with a computer benefits by gaining a safe place to put a USB flash drive, which all of his peers will see whenever he saves or transfers a file to it. Delivery drivers a an interesting niche to aim for, as their truck keys are likely to be left dangling in front while they enjoy free use of their hands. This gives many business owners a few moments to gaze upon your corporate message while signing the paperwork.

Some key points to consider include colour, style, and target audience.

It is a safe bet that neon or gaudily coloured items are much less likely to be worn than a more subdued tone. With that under consideration, the contrast between the base colour and your corporate message must be significant enough to be seen from a fair distance by a person with reasonably good eyesight. There is also the question of what should be written on the custom lanyards. If yours is a large company that is already well known in the target market, you may be able to just print the logo on the lanyard, possibly with some amusing or memorable message written alongside. This approach is of doubtful utility when smaller, lesser known companies are involved. In these cases, your company name and contact info should be made available, being clearly legible along the length of the lanyard

In conclusion, custom lanyards are a promotional tool sure to be well received by anyone. They are certain to be used often due to their flexible utility range, allowing your message to be carried along in the footsteps of the wearers.

Promo Lanyards are specialists in branded and printed lanyards in a variety of materials and styles. Get your marketing or business logo on a lanyard today. Enquire for prices now
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